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Puzzle Mandala Dragon

0.99 usd

This game is part of a socio-environmental proposal (shared revenue), where part of the proceeds is intended for donations to non-profit organizations actively working worldwide.You can through the site check the list of NGOs indicated for receiving these donations, as well as vote and make statements.A game that challenges your attention and reasoning ability.Educational puzzle in which you learn playing.
This game series contains a picture of the kind mandala representing power, knowledge, strength, reason and prosperity. To complete the puzzle you surely will benefit from all the elements represented by him.
A game where your strategic skills are put to test so that you can break records and more records.
There are 3 game levels (3x3 - 4x4 - 5x5), for each level you have an individual time control, thus enabling levels to be played independently.
The series of games KebraKoko aims at pure fun but with contents that contribute to enhanced learning.
Games puzzle reasoning is far more important than agility and physical strength
Solve puzzles can be very good for the brain as it requires the formalization and use of strategies to position the parts. In addition, the puzzles are restaraunt to improve the concentration of children, adolescents and adults.
Children who solve puzzles together with other children tend to act socially to share strategies to address more effectively the puzzles. After solve a puzzle, your brain releases incentives to reward work and this causes will have to face new challenges.